A Hands-on Approach to Marine Science Education: Surveying and comparing the marine habitats of Glover’s Reef

Principal Investigators: Carlie Williams, Josh Kilborn, Natasha Mendez, Ben Hayes and Jim Alaniz (SCUBAnauts International, Inc., U.S.A.)

Summary:  The SCUBAnauts International (SNI) is a charitably-supported Youth Marine Science Education organization and an organizational member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS). SNI is designed to teach teenagers about marine science using scientific diving data collection techniques and protocols. The underwater surveys include benthic surveys to monitor coral and benthic cover; fish surveys to develop ecological models of carnivorous and herbivorous types of fish; identification of invertebrates; sediment composition analyses; and environmental data collection.   Students will increase their understanding of marine biodiversity,  ecological differences between reef zones and local marine habitats and differences in reef community interactions during day vs. night.