The station is equipped to house up to twenty-four guests at any one time. Two dormitory buildings, housing up to twenty people, are set slightly away from the main ‘village’ area, looking east over the outer reef wall.  There are four 2-person rooms, two 3-person rooms and one large 6-person room, all with electrical sockets, fans and shelves.  Two additional 2-person dorm rooms flank the library/classroom.

The shower facilities are located across from the dormitories.  There are two showers and sinks fed by collected rainwater during the rainy season and pumped, treated well water during the driest times.  There are four toilets on the island, two near the dormitories and two near the library/classroom. The toilets are Clivus Multrum composting units; enclosed and non-polluting.

Sheets, pillows, and towels are provided and changed twice a week upon request.  There are no laundry facilities for short-term guests.  Special laundry arrangements can be made for guests staying over two weeks.



Meals are prepared by a full-time cook and served buffet style three times a day with packed lunches available when necessary.  Food is primarily Belizean and North American cuisine with a section of local fruits and vegetables included in every meal.  Special diets can be accommodated but must be communicated well in advance of researchers’ arrival at the station.  Drinking water is available at all times.

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