Glover’s Reef Research Station is committed to minimally impacting the island and surrounding marine reserve, and therefore has developed a power system that relies mainly on renewable energy. Solar and wind power provide the main sources of power for the everyday needs of the station, with a 2,000 Watt array of solar panels that charge a bank of 12 deep cycle batteries. DC generated power is converted to standard 110 A/C system by an Outback inverter, providing standard house current which powers most appliances for the majority of the working day, and lights and fans at night.

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Two generators are in place as a back up when needed, and run on an average of 3 hours a day to maintain battery charge and freezer temperatures for the night.In addition to using renewable energy, the station’s composting toilets are non-polluting, and the majority of water consumed is from filtered rainwater. Pumped and treated well water provides an alternate source of water during the driest months of the year. The station strives to be efficient in its use of both water and electricity in order to avoid waste.

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